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November 19, 2007

as i look at the coming week, it is hard not to realize that thanksgiving is just a couple of days away. as i think about the day i have to admit, i’m thinking about what am i really giving for thanksGIVING? what am i doing for my boys to show them that this day is about more than turkey and leftover turkey sandwiches (cold turkey, mayo, and white bread, with cheese!!)? the truth is, i don’t know if i’m giving them anything. this year i think we’re going to try to do something a little different. we’re going to go and visit the grandparents and great-grandmother. we’re going to charlotte, nc for some time away. maybe in the car this year, we’ll talk more about what we give than turn on the dvd player and tune everyone else out.

i have 3 kids and they can change the world. Lane has a story that others can’t believe, d and e both are growing up in a world that isn’t satisfied with the status quo…they are going to be a part of things that are bigger than them, things like save darfur, bloodwater mission, and finding a cure for AIDS. giving right now is cool, but what happens when it becomes who i am? what happens when my kids give something away that i think is important? will i force them to conform to what i think they should be or will i be satisfied with knowing that God is leading them to give it all away? will i enable them to be hoarders of stuff or will i give them permission to let go of some things?

open your hands and put them in front of you (this is an illustration a friend of mine shared with me last week–thanks DD). when you hold them out in front of you what is the natural position of your fingers? you tend to curl them toward you don’t you? do you think it is more natural to let go of things or hold on to them?

what are you holding on to that you could let go of?

what can i do today that will tune others in rather than tune them out to the joy that i know?

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