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my LIFE speaks began in 1997, when Mike and Missy’s son, Lane, was born prematurely.  On April 17, 2006, Mike and Missy began my LIFE speaks with the purpose of helping people deal with the hurts and pains in their lives. This blog is an outlet for Mike (and occasionally Missy) to share their hearts, lives, and words with others.  Mike currently travels around the country sharing his “story” with others and leads mission trips to Haiti.  Missy serves as the Executive Director of Brent Gambrell Ministries in Nashville, TN.  They are currently watching God grow their family beyond anything they could have ever imagined.

Take a few minutes to read the blog and get to know Mike and Missy.  Some posts are gut-level truth, some are deep and thought provoking, and many are humorous LIFE stories.  Regardless of the post, you can rest assured knowing one thing…it’s from their HEART.

Some posts are about their journey to find what God is leading them to, some about Haiti, some about being parents to 5 kids, some about adoption, and some are strictly RANDOM. The truth is, you NEVER know what you’ll get…

mike and missy

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