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Dear President Obama and Healthcare Reform:

May 4, 2010

This is an open letter…a rant more honestly…addressed to President Obama specifically.  Why you ask?  Because of healthcare reform, I have to be able to give this frustration to someone and he is the champion.  You sit in the big boy seat, YOU get the direct response.

Dear President Obama,

I feel it necessary to tell you something.  I am NOT political.  I loathe what politics does to people…to good people.  I despise it with all that I am.  In fact, you can check my Facebook profile and under political views, I am an avowed Political Atheist…stating I don’t believe in Politics.  I know it’s a stupid argument, but it’s what I choose.

I also want you to know I didn’t vote for you.  Not because you were a dem or because you were an African-American…trust me, that doesn’t bother me in the least.  I didn’t vote for you because I didn’t agree with anything you stood for, I think you represent the political smugness I so despise, and because I didn’t see any of the CHANGE people would come to HOPE for.

Mr. President

All that being said, I would like you to know about our experience.  We are one of those families that “benefited” recently from changes in our healthcare.  This is how it went: our son, Lane, has severe special needs.  He has been on TennCare (Tennessee’s version of Medicare) since his birth in 1997.  When he was born, he was 16 weeks early and wasn’t supposed to live.  You can check it out here: myLIFEspeaks.

Recently, Lane was dropped from his TennCare; not because he is no longer special needs, but because he was one of the latest of those removed from TennCare.  He does not receive SSI, has his own insurance, and his mother and I both work to provide for him.  He wasn’t qualified any longer.  We had tried to get him removed years ago, but were told his qualifications for this state-funded insurance were not income related, rather they were related to his permanent disabilities.  That proved to be wrong.  Lane was on TennCare because he received an SSI check when he was first born and once someone receives even one check, they are on TennCare for the remainder of their lives, or until the bill is repealed (January 2010 by the Tennessee State Legislature) that provided that insurance.

I know how you feel…trust me.

I say all of that to set the picture for you.  We work hard for what we have and do our best to provide insurance for our family.  There have been days when our insurance was equal to our house payment, but we survived.  We have worked hard to get Lane taken care of, regardless of what his “disability” status is.

This morning I received a call from my wife.  She was crying.  I don’t like it when my wife cries just like I’m sure you don’t like it when your wife cries.  My wife doesn’t cry often.  She only cries about a couple of things, her family here in the states and our family in Haiti.  Not much else gets her.

When she called this morning, she explained the bill (WITH OUR INSURANCE) to pick up Lane’s medicine was going to be $663.  You can surely understand my amazement. “NO WAY!,” I cried, “we have insurance.”  That’s right…we do have insurance, and it saved us $400!

Are you kidding me?  I called our neurologist’s office and was amazed.  That was right.  The name brand medicine really is that much.  The generic? $10.  Yep, it’s a $653 savings to go generic.  So guess what, we’re going with the generic.

I have a suggestion for you.  Check out the drug company that just attempted to molest my wallet.  Never mind we KNOW the name brand works to control his seizures, we are going with the generic…same medicine, just without the research costs and corporate payouts. We’re willing to make sacrifices, but I’m putting my child on the line.  This generic medicine might work and I might never have a problem.  His seizures might be under control and everything could be fine…or we might be in for a long haul.

Is this what you were thinking?  Is this what you were hoping for?  Is this Healthcare Reform working as you imagined?  I’m not being political on this, I’m being practical.  I don’t see the CHANGE so many put their HOPE in at this moment.

Hope you understand,

–mike wilson

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  1. May 4, 2010 3:28 pm

    Obama Announces new Department of Ubiquitous Hope – DUH

    An SPN Headlines exclusive at:

    Keep smiling! 🙂

  2. Jeanette permalink
    June 9, 2010 2:26 pm

    Oh dear. I’d hope to find good things on this blog, but found this instead. I’m not political either – but I do my research and I vote. I’m not rabid for any party or candidate, but I refuse to be less than careful with my votes. That said, you have completely misunderstood health care reform, Obama’s plan, and the effect it will have on you, your family, AND the cost of the meds that your son requires. He *is* going after big pharm and multibillion dollar drug companies. We are not seeing the changes yet because they haven’t been enacted – you should know by now that the wheels of government turn slowly. Your Tenn Care issues are not a federal problem, but a state problem – it has nothing to do with the president’s plan for reform. Your obvious disdain for the president comes through loud and clear, and really, that’s your business – I don’t care who you choose to vote for or why. But if you’re angry and want to place blame, research the matter and blame the right person.

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