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I forgot…

April 27, 2010

Ever been reminded of something, only to find yourself blurting out the phrase, “I forgot…”  You know how it goes, you find your old favorite shirt and exclaim, “I forgot how good I looked in this!”  You find tupperware in the back of the fridge and regretfully say, “I forgot that was in there…why is there mold on it?”

I had one of those “I forgot” statements a couple of weeks ago.  I was at church on Palm Sunday and our pastor showed a clip from “The Passion of the Christ.”  You know the movie, it’s the one that caused Christians and non-Christians around the globe to argue over the “R” rating it received…but I digress…

When I watched the clips from the movie in front of me, the scene of Jesus’ crucifixion came on, and I watched intently.  As they came to the point where they nailed Jesus to the cross, I remembered watching this movie and thinking about the relentless pursuit the religious leaders had and the determination to stop Him.

The scene changed to the moment where they had to dislocate Jesus’ right arm in order to get it nailed in place on the cross…then they flipped the cross over.  That’s when I exclaimed, “I forgot that part.”

It was a harmless statement.  The truth is, I HAD forgotten about that part, but the reality was much worse.  In reality, I had gotten to the point where my faith had quite a few, “I forgot” statements.  I was in that area of LIFE where, things aren’t as bright and shiny as they once were.  LIFE had taken over and it was running me…so I had forgotten so much.

The scene in the movie immediately made me think about the things along my faith journey that have been forgotten over the years.  I realize God used that very moment to remind me of Himself and His love for me.  I remembered the LIFE, death, and resurrection of Jesus at that very moment.  I remembered that EVERYTHING else pails in comparison to knowing Christ and to fellowship with Him is eternal.  I remembered the call to be like Christ, not to act like Him (there IS a difference).  I remembered the call to fellowship with Christ in His sufferings…not something I really ever wanted to remember.

So, next time you utter those words, “I forgot,” take a moment to think about what you have in Christ and who you are because of Him.  Remember Him…

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