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A Lane Lesson

November 3, 2009

Lane and the "Lane" sign

This morning while I was getting Lane ready for school, I noticed something.  Lane LOVES to talk about himself.  We have a song we sing often, called, “The Lane Song.”  It’s nothing more than the tune of Frere Jacques with his name in it.  He loves it.  He even has a sign for it! He’ll take his right hand and touch his thumb to his right cheek or his chin and stick his fingers out “kind of like forming an “L”

While he was eating, he made the sign constantly.  I was in a hurry, ready for him to eat, but he was in absolutely NO hurry and wasn’t interested in eating unless I sang the Lane song with him.

It got me to thinking…how many times does God call me to do something, but I have other plans?  How many times has He tried to feed me, but I wasn’t interested unless it was something I wanted to eat?  How many times have I missed out on the very nourishment I needed so much because I was quite honestly, wanting to sing about me or even sing my own praises?

I know Lane really doesn’t grasp that it’s not really all about him.  I however do.  I know my LIFE isn’t supposed to be all about me, but I make it about me more often than not.  I know God has called me at times and I haven’t responded with anything other than, “Hey, God, talk about me.  Sing about me.  Remind me how great I am.”

My lesson this morning was a reminder just how much God loves me.  Even though Lane wasn’t concerned about eating and doing what needed to be done, my love for him never changed.  I didn’t care if he performed for me or not, because my love for him isn’t based on anything other than he’s mine.

I take comfort knowing God doesn’t change His love for me based upon what I can give Him.  Let’s be honest, who can really give Him anything?  It’s all HIS already, so it’s like I’m just giving Him what was already His.  Performance before Him with a thought it earns me anything is ludicrous.  So, I think I’m gonna focus more on eating than singing about me for the next few days…see if I notice anything…

What about you?  What are you singing about these days?


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