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so who do you hate?

June 4, 2009

i ran across this video while doing some research for some camp sermons earlier. i have to say, it speaks VOLUMES as to what the world things about Christians. it’s a video of Penn from Penn and Teller, an avowed atheist, commenting on his video blog about someone who came to his show and gave him a gideon bible.

one of the best questions of this video is when Penn asks, “how much do you have to hate someone?”…to not tell them about eternal life (or a relationship with Christ)?

i have to admit, it was a great question. when i first started watching, i thought it would be a great introduction to help students realize the need to let their LIFE speak, but when i got to the point of his question as to how much hate does it take…i have to admit i was faced with an answer i didn’t really like…

so my question is, who do YOU hate?

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