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i guess i’m getting hyper-sensitive, but i don’t care

May 11, 2009

lately i’ve begun to notice a word being thrown around that makes my skin crawl. it’s a word i have used in the past because quite simply i never thought that much about it. i never really set out to be offended, but i have found myself being more and more offended when i hear the word, even from my own kids. next time you use “retarded” make sure you use it in its true sense.

i guess it comes from hearing teenagers use the word to describe each other and to cut down others. the word is known world-wide. people use it daily and think it’s funny and i have to admit it never affected me…until i heard it in its actual context.

it’s great fun to sit in a room and hear a school psychologist describe your son as retarded. it’s humbling to think your son is actually retarded, but it’s even more maddening to think about my “retarded” son going through LIFE not realizing others are making fun of him. when i hear my 13 year old describe how the word is used at school and to know there are kids who think it’s funny to make fun of kids like lane, it frustrates me immensely. i think it frustrates me so much because i did the same thing. i thought it was cool to laugh at eugene or demetrus. oh how i wish i could take it all back now…because a “retard” lives in my house and brings me tremendous joy…DAILY!!

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  1. Tracy McDonald permalink
    May 21, 2009 3:38 pm

    Beautifuly written!

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