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what did you check first?

April 29, 2009

here is a convicting thought i have been having for a few days. then i read this blog post by the student pastor at our church and was convinced i had to put these thoughts out there.

what is the first thing you check on when you wake up? for some of us it is the weather on the television, for some it’s to see how much time we have left, for others it could be facebook or twitter. i must admit many days my first “check” of the day is the iphone to see what’s going on in the world rather than going to the Word to find out what He’s telling me today.

if you’re busy and need some suggestions as to what to read today in the Bible, i would suggest YouVersion. it’s a great version and has plenty of translations. it has an iphone app and gives you daily Bible reads. what are you waiting for? how many voyeuristic lives can you live through all the other stuff? why not live your LIFE today…

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