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first full day in the dominican

April 25, 2009

today we spent our first day here in the dominican republic (DR). we are staying in sosoua by the sea. it’s a beautiful place and as you can see from the picture, we are well taken care of here. here are my first (and most definitely random) thoughts about the differences between here and haiti.

1. when you get off the plane in haiti, you walk down the steps, across the tarmac, past the band, and into the airport.

2. when you get off the plane in the DR you walk down the jetway, through the dancing casino girls who want to have their picture taken with you, and into the air conditioned airport.

3. the ride to the mission complex in haiti is 25 miles and 1-1 1/2 hours.

4. the ride to the mission resort in the DR is 8 miles and 10 minutes.

5. haitians stare at white people…because we aren’t common there.

6. dominicans don’t stare…we are VERY common here.

7. haitians speak creole

8. dominicans speak spanish

9. haitians are proud of their country

10. dominicans are proud of their country…and hate haitians

11. haitians love it when we love their children

12. dominicans don’t mind us being there and loving their children.

13. haitians want something but for the most part are orderly when we are working

14. dominicans tonite almost trampled me as i held a little boy with severe special needs because the lady next to me was giving away yarn bracelets.

15. haiti is my second home…

16. the DR is going to be number 3…

17. haiti is dusty and dirty

18. the DR is green and dusty…just not so dirty

19. tourists in haiti…non-existent

20. tourists in the DR…speedos and well tanned.

21. kids in haiti…BEAUTIFUL

22. kids in the DR…BEAUTIFUL

i’ll post more random thoughts and musings as we go…yeah, i can do that since i brought my laptop and am using the WI-FI here in the resort…what a different world and we’re just on the other side of the island. i have to admit i struggle just a little bit knowing that this world exists here. i struggle to think so many ministry opportunities exist here that haven’t been tapped into yet, but i’m learning more and more every day that God is going to get things done. He doesn’t need my help but He has chosen to offer me the chance to join Him and watch Him work. He’s going to do something…even on this trip…that is going to blow my fragile mind!

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