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the new face of hate: @aplusk

April 20, 2009

i don’t know if you’re on twitter or not, or if you even care, but sometimes amazing things happen.

ashton kutcher recently became the first person to have 1,000,000 followers on twitter. in case you live under a technological rock, that means one MILLION people CHOSE to follow him…pretty cool stuff. the fun thing about it was he was in a race with cnn to see who would reach one million first. one person with as much interest as an entire global network!

i jumped on the ashton bandwagon pretty quick and was blown away to find out his efforts to help rid the world of malaria by getting mosquito nets purchased for use around the globe. the malaria no more project and ashton worked together to bring awareness to the serious issue of malaria in africa. the plan is simple, when someone (even someone in a 3rd world country) has access to a mosquito net…their chances of contracting malaria go down, so let’s work on getting them nets…simple enough right? you can see in the picture the mosquito nets we GLADLY SLEEP UNDER when we go to haiti. i would dare say you would like the same protection if you lived in an area where malaria was a real problem…not a sad spot on the evening news, but a real-LIFE problem that was killing your friends and family members.

you can imagine my surprise this morning when i woke up and found the following “tweet” from @aplusk:

you are right, I’m a feelingless drone sending you love RT @Deltaqte: No one gives a ____ about you anymore. You are not one of us, ______.
about 4 hours ago from TweetDeck

if you’re not familiar with “tweet” language RT means “re-tweet” and the message is being passed on from one person to another, in this case ashton is “re-tweeting” a message he was noted in. i chose to edit the tweet since it had some colorful adjectives.

here’s my question…why would someone choose to criticize another person for using their abilities to help others? seriously, why? why would someone be upset with another (even a celebrity) for helping others? how can ANYONE not care that others are dying daily because they don’t have a place to escape to? my thought is @deltaqte lives in a house with walls, windows, and screens. i would say they have never seen malaria or those it affects. that’s the ONLY way i think it can happen. if they are familiar with malaria then what in the world brings the hate out? did you not like ashton as the “face” or “money maker with the lebaron” in cheaper by the dozen? come on!!! meat pants RULE!

i don’t think i have ever thought of that side of celebrity status. people criticize everything…not just what you wore on the red carpet, how you look on the beach in spain, but what you’re doing. i never thought of ashton kutcher as one who would be changing the world…LITERALLY…and more than i can say for most!!!, but i whole-heartedly get behind him. in fact, we just bought some new nets for Haiti recently and i feel closer to him already. maybe we’ll hang out next time he and the family get to nashvegas!

next time: THINK before you rant…

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