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why you can only drink water unless you know someone who wouldn’t want you to do that…

April 16, 2009

ever wondered why some people want to die over a certain hill? i have to admit i have questions as to how some people get to their interpretations and justify their positions according to what they choose to hold as a conviction.

why did Jesus choose to turn water into wine as His first miracle? did He not know that wine, or any alcohol, would be a polarizing substance in today’s culture? surely He did. did He know that Christians around the world and denominations would be split on that very topic? did He know that there would be those who live their lives knowing they are good because they have never drank alcohol? did He even care?

does He care now? why does the Bible refer to drinking alcohol and give warning to not be drunk, but never says either to drink or not do drink. why would Jesus choose something so divisive to turn water into? could it be because it wasn’t a big deal and wanted to set an example? i don’t know the answer to that…but i’ll have a drink…of water…because if i do that, no one gets angry…except the people who work at coke, or pepsi, or the Christian who works at the bottled water plant.

I CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE!!! so maybe we won’t settle some of these arguments…until God intervenes.

i have heard great men of God speak to the alcohol issue and do great jobs…on BOTH sides of it. johnny hunt comes to mind as a proponent of abstinence as does a great friend and mentor, jerry sutton. then others (mostly non-baptist) bring equally persuasive arguments to non-abstinence, but because the Bible is clear on drunkenness they all agree on that–i didn’t choose to name them because quite honestly some of you would get a giant red magic marker and cross them off your Christmas card list because of their position! so i have to ask, isn’t it a little humorous when we argue over where God chooses NOT to speak but can agree so easily on areas where God plainly speaks??

when was the last time you chose to shut up when it was your conviction (which you by all means SHOULD listen to) and not God’s command…?

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