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maybe THAT’S why i’m so cynical

September 23, 2008

i drive by a particular church parking lot every few weeks, and one things sticks out in my mind. the parking lot has a larger metal barrier which is locked at the front. (for honesty’s sake, this isn’t the actual sign or barrier, but it’ll have to do until i can take a picture of the actual one…) i realize this gate is opened probably every sunday for services, and possibly for other events, but i have NEVER seen the parking lot open. i wonder what happened in this particular parking lot that made this congregation choose to put a barrier up? brings to mind the movie “footloose.” if we put an end to ALL non-church sanctioned music…that’ll fix our problems with our children.

why do people work so hard to keep people out? i thought the church was the place to bring people to? i realize some VERY un-godly things could have (and probably did) happen in this parking lot (as they do in many church parking lots) at one time, but i still have a hard time reconciling the reasoning behind the gate…oh well…

maybe that has more to say about the church’s influence in the community than anything else…makes me wonder if the church has a parking lot ministry…or if they’ve been successful at keeping the “wrong” elements out (of their church that is)?

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