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ten things i hate about golf in china

May 28, 2008

1. the humidity is higher than the 85 degree temperature
2. golf requires focus…i ain’t got no focus
3. the fact that i don’t play enough to help my team win a hole
4. showers…old men…and towel boys
5. drinking water is nowhere to be found
6. the halfway house isn’t halfway
7. caddies don’t speak english but man can they read a green
8. my irons
9. my putter
10. that ONE shot i hit every 3 or 4 holes that tells me i could be a really good golfer if i just put some time into it!!!

i want to get better at golf! i want my wife to play. i want my boys to play. i want to stop hating it, but golf is the one thing that we love to hate!!!

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