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day 3

May 25, 2008

this morning was an interesting experience. i slept great (jet-lag is real, but i thank God i’m doing well) and got up and had a light breakfast with doc, mrs. L, and j. thank goodness we went light with cereal, fruit, and muffins, since lunch was beyond large.

after breakfast we went to church. what an experience church in hong kong is. my first experience with being a part of a service included me speaking. i didn’t have the benefit of knowing how to really do it, so i just jumped in. after 3 songs (by the way, the people in hong kong sing like there is no tomorrow during the musical portion of their worship) i was up to share an 8-10 minute testimony. the first service was a little rough. i got a little mixed up and didn’t read the verse i wanted to and felt like i rambled a little bit. oh well, God brought me here to listen to Him, not speak for me, so after talking i sat down and was grateful that He had brought me this far.

it’s amazing to think that God will allow people like me with all of the baggage that i have in my own personal life, to travel half-way around the globe to share my story. i realize today more than ever that God is about bringing Himself glory, and He very probably is smiling today knowing that i am such a wretched being, but want nothing more than for Him to be made glorified in everything i am a part of.

the second service was much better. i had the opportunity to hear doc speak in the first service. he was so clear and simple, while also talking like you might expect any pastor to talk. his message was amazing and encouraging, and i think i left changed.

after the first service amrah danced the mongolian dance again, and doc set it up in a way i never thought of. he told the church that they were more than welcome to stay and watch as amrah danced. he said that amrah’s dance was a gift to the church and that he was performing for God. how awesome to witness; a young man and his friend that travelled for 3 days on a train to get here were able to bring their gift to God. they saved up for 18 months to get to hong kong, and then GAVE their offering to the people. wow, humbling. they did get to benefit from some new experiences. they went to their first ever mcdonald’s (and they loved it) and they sat up at night at maik’s (pronounced “mike”) house playing xbox. funny, even people in mongolia who don’t have much enjoy video games.

the second service was MUCH smoother. i felt more comfortable and did my best to leave everything out of my time other than what God is doing in me. i realize that God doesn’t need me to speak for Him, He wants me to life my LIFE for Him and let Him teach from the excess he has given me.

after church we went across the street for dim sum. dim sum is a chinese meal where people gather together and eat until they explode…at least that was my experience. it’s much like family-style meals for us in the states, but it is a chance to share a meal, talk, enjoy each other’s company, and eat some more. i had my first chicken foot today. was tasty but more skin and bones than meat. definitely a chinese delicacy as each of the locals ate up. i love the opportunity to share a meal with someone. today i got to meet james lee. james was my “food guide” as he took the time to explain what each dish was and what was in it. i also noticed today that a meal allows people to put their defenses down. as we ate we talked and i learned that james is a man who has been through many trials. he has lost a daughter to cancer and lost a son last year to a miscarriage. i think his story might be THE very reason that i made this trip. i realized as i talked to him that God had given Him massive grace and humility. here is a man who came to Christ AFTER his his daughter’s death and was able to benefit from true Christian friends. i long to introduce people to friendships like that in the states. i am that much more thankful for those who have taken the time to be my friend and for those who care so much about me.

i look forward to church tonight and then dinner (yes EVERYTHING in hong kong revolves around a meal. i think i might have gained about 15 pounds here…oh well, maybe i need to eat more chicken’s feet.

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