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Venturing out of town

May 15, 2008

i have the opportunity to head out of town next week. i’m going to china! that’s right, i’m venturing out of town for 10 days to get a chance to go to hong kong with a great friend. i have the opportunity to share my story and meet with people 11 times (as of now, the number is still growing!). i’m excited, anxious, and ready. the one feeling that is strikingly absent from my emotions? FEAR. i’m not afraid at this one. i’ve been afraid in the past to travel to some places. honduras was a little odd since it was my first time out of the country,

haiti was a little un-nerving simply because it’s the poorest country in the western hemisphere, and going to mexico–even on vacation, was more than a little scary, since we had a category 5 hurricane (hurricane Kenna if you want to look it up…)

i look forward to getting a chance to meet with people from a different culture and share my story with them. i pray that i will be faithful to the Call on my life, and not care about anything else. stay tuned for more updates…

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