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the rain is setting the mood

May 8, 2008

today here in nashville it is raining. the rain is setting the mood to how i feel right now. i’m not saying that i’m down in the dumps and droopy, but that the rain is forcing everything to change just a little. you can’t drive as fast in the rain, that’s a fact. well, i guess you actually could, but trouble would soon find you–maybe the reason for so many wrecks on rainy days.

my life is like this rainy season and i don’t regret it one bit. this morning missy and i had the chance to talk to someone about our future. it’s funny when you talk about your future, because you’re planning it, thinking about it, and getting excited about the possibilities of what might happen one day, then you realize that the OTHER possibility is it might not really happen–pretty sobering.

when i walked into my office a couple of years ago my future plans were different. i never planned on being a part of a chaotic time, nor did i plan on being so caught up in a lawsuit. if you would have asked me a couple of years ago, i would have told you things were going to be different than they are now. i really expected to see things in a much different (even happier) place than they are now.

so the question i ask myself is simple…am i jonah? am i the cause? i don’t think so, but the thought is still there. is God using this (one more) opportunity to get my attention and tell me to get on with what He told me 2 years ago? i think so…

so regardless of what my plans were or are now, i choose to always be willing to look at the rain and realize, sometimes things have to change…

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  1. Annamika permalink
    November 11, 2008 7:25 pm

    Great work.

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