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what’s in a story?

April 28, 2008

I believe that everyone has a story. you have a story and i have a story. i can choose to share my story with you or not. i can choose to listen to your story of not. regardless of who shares and who listens, the reality is the story is still there.

when did it get so difficult to share what has happened to us? why have we chosen to hide things away rather than to face them head up or share them? why do we shy away rather than embrace them?

i think one BIG thing is embarrassment. many times we are embarrassed when things happen to us. whether we had something to do with them or not is of no concern, the most important thing is that something happened and someone else will possibly judge us for what we choose to share.

genesis deals with a lot of it…sin! we are guilty of our sins many times and see no redeeming value in them. while adam and eve’s sin was a catalyst to humanity it still was sin. without a redeeming God, we would still be steeped in it with NO way out. now, we have a redeemer–Christ.

i encourage you today, know your story and share it. if you haven’t shared it yet, what could possibly happen if you do?

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