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just when you thought it was safe…

December 6, 2007

i can see it now. someone drives by this church and is listening to the radio. they think to themselves, you know what i wish? i wish there was a church that just “got it” culturally. i would love to find that. then they see this sign and stop their car and immediately rush to the doors of the church and bolt inside. they run to find someone there to explain to them what it means to drop their sin…because of this sign.

or, maybe they look at this sign as they drive by and spill their $5 sbux nonfat-mocha-with a hint of peppermint-decaf-frappacino in their lap as they drive by.

or, maybe the kid who told his grandpa to put this on the sign stops breathing when he finds out his grandpa actually did it!

or, maybe someone thought this would be a good idea.

or, maybe someone thought, you know what, those sinners listen to that sinner music. what reference could we make using their devil-beat sinner music that would make them want to come to church?

or maybe this is just one more example of the church forgetting what it’s about…

and we wonder why people outside the church have absolutely NO PLANS on EVER coming in!!

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