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Matthew 26:50

December 3, 2007

“And Jesus said to him (JUDAS), “Friend, do what you have come for.” Then they came and laid hands on Jesus and seized Him”

here’s the whole thought of this. maybe i’m going to be labeled a heretic, and maybe i’m going to get kicked out of the church, but i have to ask a question here. why in the world did Jesus refer to Judas as “FRIEND” here?

was it a common greeting and Jesus was saying “What’s Up Homey?” to his disciple…i think the answer is no!

was it because Jesus was hoping to change Judas’ mind and convince Judas not to betray Him?…i think the answer is no!

was it because Jesus didn’t want the other disciples to beat the living snot out of Judas because he was going to betray Jesus?…i think the answer is no!

was it because Jesus knew that this was God’s plan and somewhat like God the Father, Judas was choosing to give up his Saviour so the world could experience Salvation?…i think the answer is…well i don’t know!

was it because Jesus was showing Judas that even though Judas was stabbing Jesus in the back (sort of), Jesus was still the same and hadn’t changed…kind of saying, “even though I might not be who you want Me to be, I’m still God and I’m not going to kill you scum bag.”…i don’t know, could be, but that is kind of weird to think that Jesus would be looking directly into Judas’ eyes when He said it.

regardless, Judas still couldn’t take what he did. he still went and hung himself. he still couldn’t live with himself after that. the other disciples weren’t too quick with forgiveness either. they labeled him as a thief and he is constantly referred to as the betrayer or the one who betrayed Jesus…not a great or even good legacy to have.

could it possibly be that Jesus was simply looking into Judas’ eyes and calling him friend? even though Jesus knew what Judas was about to do, was it possible that Jesus still considered Judas a friend? obviously Jesus knew the outcome when He picked Judas as one of the original 12 didn’t He?

was Judas set up? did Jesus pick him so he could be the blame or did he pick him because he was the only one who could shoulder the burden?

regardless of how you look at it, you have to understand that the actual word Jesus used in this gospel of Matthew is FRIEND. a mate. Jesus referred to Judas as friend in the most intense moment in history up to that time!

so, then, how does that make Matthew 11:19 sound now? is he REALLY a friend to those of us who don’t meet the criteria? …i have to say the answer is YES!

then what makes me any better than a Judas today?

what about you?

just a thought…

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