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what’s up with Christmas?

November 29, 2007

so it’s that time of year. the time of year when the electricity bill gets big because we crank the heat, plaster lights all over the place, and try to get that “spirit.” you know what i’m talking about…the Christmas spirit. i really hate this time of year. i know, that’s going to make me about as popular as an irs auditor at enron, but i do. here i am a professional christian (minister, but you have to say it with that deep booming echo voice that the movie trailer guy has) and i hate Christmas.

i don’t really hate Christmas. i hate what it has become. i hate that it’s more about the tree than the stable. i hate that it’s more about getting the kids pictures made with the fat guy in the red suit than about getting kids to know what it’s all about. i hate standing in line at wal-mart so i can purchase the last 10 strands of white Christmas lights @ 10 o’clock so my artificial, high-tech umbrella-fold tree will be lit. i hate feeling like this, but i can’t help it.

putting up the tree sunday night i blurted out, “i really don’t think Jesus was born for this!!!” and i meant every word of it. i think He is a little put out by all of hoop-la about his birthday without thinking about Him. it reminds me of Lane’s birthday party this year. it was a great party. we had fun, games, and a great time. the big thing is most people were there for us not him. they came to support and show us that they cared for him, but only a few people did more than simply acknowledge his existence. so that makes me wonder, how do i think Jesus feels on Christmas? i think He’s more concerned about us recognizing Him DAILY than just on one day.

i also wonder, do atheists celebrate Christmas? if so, that’s hypocritical on their part. why would they exchange presents on Jesus’ birthday if they don’t believe in God? kind of hypocritical if you ask me. maybe it’s more of a cultural thing than anything else, so that just goes to show why i hate what Christmas has become even more!

i love Christmas and what it stands for, what it means, and who it celebrates. i love the tug inside my heart to love someone more than myself on that day. i love my kids faces when they sing Christmas carols, and i love sitting downstairs at 3:00 in the morning on December 25 watching my kids rip open wrapping paper in amazement and realizing that no matter what present they give me, it won’t beat the joy i get in knowing that they are mine and i get to call them my sons forever!

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