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sometimes you have to wonder…

November 7, 2007

sometimes i like to sit by the window and watch the world go by. in fact, i get caught up in it too often. i have a window in my office at church for the first time ever. seriously, for the first time in 13 years i have a window (and it’s not microsoft windows!). i have a window that allows me to see the sunshine, to see the clouds, to see the rain, and to see the darkness roll into Nashville at 4:30 each day. i love having a window.

sometimes when i look out my window i wonder if the world outside cares about what is happening inside the building where i work. i wonder if the building where i work were to one day burn down or collapse, would the community outside even notice. sure they would notice the piles of rubble and see the void where the once great building stood, but would they miss what we supposedly offer to them? i think the majority in Nashville would be unaffected. i really do. i think if most churches were to diappear tomorrow, the people who live out of eyesight of the building would for the most part be unaffected.

look at it this way, when the country club shut down a few years ago, who was most upset? the members were! other than the members, who cares? ii didn’t because it wasn’t for me and it didn’t affect me.

that’s why today has been a contemplative day. a day where i can honestly remind myself of the mission statement that i wrote for my LIFE two years ago…

i want to AFFECT people’s lives with the message of Jesus Christ with my LIFE…and i don’t want my LIFE to be wasted on things that are insignificant!

what are you doing today that is significant to people outside your window?

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