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a question or two

November 6, 2007

some things i’ve been thinking about lately:
–what are the true benefits of church membership?
–why do people go into professions that they hate?
–how could anyone be miserable and have a true relationship with Christ?
–why does the world do such a great job at convincing people that their lives aren’t fulfilled?
–if i knew that Jesus was coming back in 3 years exactly, when would i begin to really think about it (procrastinators understand this one)
–why is it so hard for someone who grew up in church to admit when things are going rough?
–when will i feel like a grown up?

again, these are just random thoughts. that’s unfortunately the way my brain works. i’m beginning to become more of a morning person, and this morning, i realized that my best work really tends to happen early, so why do i not do it early…because i have too much “stuff” to do. could it be possble that God wants me to slow down and be more like Him than to be the one others think i should be?

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