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October 26, 2007

when did we get to the point as the church that we really think that some of the things we are doing are good ideas? why in the world do we go from doing things that are good and right because they are changing people’s lives for Christ, to doing things that are good and right because they make our lives easier. churches spend millions to get more people in for services because it is easier to put 3000 people in a room once than to have 750 people in 4 services; we have some who have made a mockery of life and think it’s ok; we have others who just lose sight of what’s happening around them and get burned out, get caught up in the “me” of it, and need to re-focus. somewhere along the way we became more involved in the machine known as church than in the ONE who CREATED the church. we have lawsuits, threats, and pastors making mistakes…but hey, who hasn’t made a mistake? the problem comes when you look down the road and realize that you have strayed away from your first love as a follower of Him. i think pastors, staff (including me many times!!), leaders, congregants, and those on the outside all get caught in the trap. we go from looking at what is best for LIFE CHANGE to looking at what is best for me…i serve 50 hours a week at this place, why can’t we make it a little easier? when does spending millions on something that changes the way our parking lot looks take precedence over missions to the people in our back door? trust me, i see this everywhere, but choose not to reveal it all.

why is it so easy to fall in love with Jesus, but so hard to love others who have known Him for a while? i don’t think Paul, Peter, or John were like that. Peter is even credited by some to have started the church, but he was more about a relationship with his JESUS than anything else. there are still a few of them out there that have it right though. some even have taken the time to stop and quit trying to figure things out so that God can talk to them…that’s a novel thought, but hey…who’s got time for that?

last thought…where does the Bible talk about church membership? i’m not really against it, but i don’t see it as a sticking point. what is the benefit of church membership? does anyone know? i think it’s vital to be a part of a local church; to worship with them, to have community with them, to serve with them, to give with them, and to minister to them, but i don’t see anything about having to be a member…just a thought.

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