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October 11, 2007

sometimes God allows you to laugh, sometimes you get to cry, and other times you have to sit back and wonder just what in the world is really going on. the reality i always find is that He needs to get the glory regardless. when we act like idiots at church, God is still God. He needs the glory. the problem is we have people trying to step in and take ‘just a little bit of it” for themselves. whether it’s one person, 12, or 54 it’s still simple…it’s sin!

when we have troubles in our lives God is still God. when we sit back and wonder why things happen to us like they do, God is still God. funny isn’t it. or maybe not…maybe He’s trying to break what our view of “right” is. maybe He wants us to reshape our thinking to understand that we really aren’t in control, even though we want to be. i can’t cure cancer…i really want to. i can’t bring people back from the dead…though that might be a wish of mine for some people. i can’t heal Lane…i’m still helpless on this one. BUT…i can choose to understand that He already knew this, and He gave me His grace to cope, so i’m not tempted to steal HIS glory…

maybe God wants less of my excuses and more of my letting Him push me around in His chair He built for me

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