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so it’s come to this…

October 8, 2007

yesterday was the big day. we had over 1500 people at church, and over 1300 voted (a few were absentee ballots but still a bunch of people were here just for the junk). it was funny that the ballot was so forthright. this wasn’t some sort of metro ammendment that was for or against marriage or whatever, it was pretty straight forward. people still complained, and hooted and howled (thanks Jerry and Dennis) that this vote was foul, but in the end, only about 4% of the total church membership…listed at over 6800 and 20% of those voting wanted Jerry gone. so, i guess the reality is, the people have spoken. they want to be lead by the pastor and they want Jerry Sutton to be their pastor. only time will tell how much sillier this will get and how much more of a black eye this will give our church in the community. who cares what Christians think? who cares what other baptists think? truthfully i don’t. i care what the watching world things. i care that people are using this as another excuse to hate church, God, and all that is related to Him…pretty big consequences follow sin. just think on that…

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