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i’m heading out to…CALIFORNIA

August 20, 2007

this week i have the opportunity to be a part of a cultural phenomenon. one of my greatest friends in the world (that’s a whole story in itself), Paul Teller, is going to be a contestant on the game show, “deal or no deal” this week, and i’ve been picked to be one of his supporters. that’s right, i’m going to be on tv. (check him out at the show is scheduled to air in November, so don’t get too crazy just yet. we’re flying out wednesday, tape the show on thursday, and home on friday.

i’m praying that God will be glorified in all of this. who knows, Paul might make history and walk away with a million bucks, or he could walk away with 20. the coolest thing ever is that he gets to do it, and he gets to take his faith with him. no, he won’t be preaching, evangelizing, or wearing a turn or burn t-shirt (which either relieves or infuriates you), but he WILL be taking his personal relationship with Christ with him on this journey. no one can take that away.

go Paul!! pick the right case…or better yet, just be YOU and kknow that it’s all going to be fun! ever been to California on someone else’s dime?? neither have i…

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