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i know the answer…now what was that question i was going to ask???

August 8, 2007

the answer, as churchy as you might find it to be, is Christ. the question however is what i’m searching for. i have begun to realize that the only thing truly worth investigating is Christ. to find out what He wants for me is the most important. to find out what His plans are…that’s where i am now. i have many questions in my life right now, but regardless of the question the answer seems to always come back to me learning ot empty myself out and make Christ bigger in my life. (Micah 6:8; Proverbs 18:12 come to mind)

missy got a call yesterday from the neurosurgeon’s office. they need to reschedule Lane’s pump surgery. thursday wasn’t going to work for the, they had something come up…which i’m sure is often true in the world of opening up people’s brains and spinal chords. when she called me though, she wasn’t cheerful, rather, she was troubled. she was troubled because we have both been praying since last week that God would show us clearly what we need to do in regards to Lane’s surgery. we were both relieved that his surgery was rescheduled last week because we were both uneasy about proceeding. then when the call came in yesterday…the relief was there again. why? were we supposed to be relieved? were we supposed to proceed or were we supposed to see this as God’s hand?

we chose to halt. we’re waiting now. waiting on God to either say GO or NO. we don’t have either, so the best thing to do is spend some time with Him…see it all really does come back to Christ!!


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