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pain hurts…

August 2, 2007

i talked to my mom today. she’s been in the hospital since monday, when she had to be taken by ambulance to Baptist Hospital in Knoxville. she has pneumonia…or at least that’s the “best guess” the doctors honestly have right now. she can’t breathe well. she’s got a fever, chills, and she can’t get out of bed without that general “i think i’m going to pass out” feeling.

i know we all have pain. sometimes pain is physical…like mom’s. sometimes pain is emotional…because we don’t have an answer to why we hurt. sometimes pain is impossible to describe…like when you have to hang up the phone when you’re in another country and your kids are at home.

regardless of how we might describe it, pain is real. today you might be the one bright spot for someone else’s pain. you might be the one suffering. regardless, where are you going to go when you have pain? are you going to resolve yourself to pain or are you going to do something? the choice is yours. if you’re experiencing pain today, my prayer is that you will find Comfort…and not in a bottle, pills, or an injection. not in the eyes of another person. not in a self-help book, but rather, in a Creator that loves you.

listen to a song by a guy named John Waller…the blessing. realize that your words are huge and can turn someone else’s day from night to day. realize that if you’re hurting, it’s ok to need someone else.

–mike >

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