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so it didn’t happen

July 30, 2007

today we were scheduled to go to vandy children’s hospital so Lane could have his baclafan pump implanted. it didn’t happen though. we got there @ 7am and things were trucking along beautifully. we were right on schedule…waiting in the lobby for 45 minutes…when a nurse came and told us that someone (else) was coming to inform us that Lane’s surgery would be cancelled for today. i think she gave it away though. when our doctor came by (dr. matt pearson) a little while later, he was visibly distraught. i realize that we’re not normal parents. we have a special needs child, and we’re ok with that. we realize that things come up and even we (insert sarcastic gasp here) have to put our lives on hold for others. we don’t want to be trouble. we just want what’s best for our family. today, what was best for our family was someone else’s emergency. i don’t understand it completely, but i DO know that God is still in control, and that He knows why it all happened. thanks for your prayers, your concerns, and your thoughts. i’ll keep youupdated on what’s coming up.

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