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what took so long??

July 29, 2007

today, i’m reminded that blogging is difficult. i’ve spent the summer doing great things, vacation with the family, speaking @ camps, travelling to haiti, and trying to work. where does a blog fit into all of that? for some, it’s easy…blogging is life, and for others like me, it’s easy to just simply get too worked up to write. so if you’re reading this, or checking back, then you’ll be happy to know that even though the blog appeared abandoned, it’s not! i’m back, and i’m hitting the keys…for one reason…because it builds up inside of me and i have to get it out. tomorrow is a big day! we’re heading to vanderbilt children’s hospital @ 7 am (so no blog tomorrow) for lane to have surgery. it’s going to be a long day, but God already knows it. so if you get this, pray for us and especially for him. if you read this after the fact, lift up a prayer then, because the coolest thing is that God is called…I AM. that means what you pray right now he hears yesterday, in 1893, and earlier….because He’s there right now as well! Let that sit in your tea cup and steep for a while…


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